Sprint Store Employees Win $7.6 Million in Off-the-Clock Work Lawsuit

Plaintiffs in a wage and hour class action against Sprint, the cell phone service provider, have proposed a $7.8 million settlement to resolve the suit. The plaintiffs in the suit claim they were forced to work “off-the-clock,” meaning before or after clocking in, and that they weren’t paid for this time. 

What is “off-the-clock” work, and when is it illegal? Our experienced wage and hour class action attorneys break it down. 

Sprint Workers Win $7.8 Million in Wage & Hour Settlement

In the Sprint lawsuit, the plaintiffs alleged that they were required to lock and unlock the stores, disengage alarm systems, log in and out of computers, attend conference calls, and communicate with managers by phone while they weren’t clocked in. The plaintiffs alleged that Sprint knew workers were required to participate in these activities, but chose not to pay for them. 

Essentially, the plaintiffs alleged that Sprint nickel and dimed employees and committed wage theft. 

What is the “Off-the-Clock” Work?

“Off-the-clock” work is unpaid and is not counted for purposes of determine whether you are working overtime. If you are an hourly, non-exempt employee, your employer is breaking the law if they require you work off the clock. 

Off-the-clock work for non-exempt employees is prohibited under both the California Labor Code and the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you are required to work off-the-clock, you may have a claim for damages and penalties. If your off-the-clock work would be overtime, you also have a claim for unpaid overtime wages. 

If you work for a large employer, it can be efficient to pursue off-the-clock claims for unpaid wages as a class action. This shares the cost of paying lawyers amongst the class as a whole. This can be more efficient than pursuing many different, smaller claims for unpaid wages. 

Talk to an Experienced Wage and Hour Attorney

If you think you have been forced to work without pay, you should contact an attorney to understand your claims. We are passionate about helping victims of wage theft and helping them stand up for themselves and their right to earn a fair living wage.

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